Creative Ways to Engage Your Students with ActivExpressions

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Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2:20 pm
Looking for ways to bring passion and excitement when students use Promethean ActivExpressions? Learn how to administer self-paced tests in ways that get students out of their seats and discovering new information (scavenger hunts, games). Educators will learn how to take their existing paper-based classroom assessments and integrate them into the ActivExpressions to get immediate data results.

NOTE: Running ActivInspire version 1.6.47432

Manuel S. Herrera

Instructional Technology Coach

Normandy School District
t: @manuelherrera33


1. Get your students excited about coming to your class

2. Survivor Island

3. Sustained Silent Reading

4. Take your kids on a scavenger hunt!

5. I posted it on my Facebook

6. Are you ready for some football?

Additional "How To" Documents